Residential Wireless Internet

While work on building fiber, Hyperflex Broadband offers a fixed wireless Internet product to select customers. We recommend fixed wireless as an alternative to fiber in areas where we cannot yet serve a customer with a fiber connection. Fixed wireless Internet differs in comparison to other wireless services such as satellite where latency can exceed the 100s if not 1000s of milliseconds (ms). High latency impacts the ability to perform real-time Internet functions such as video conference calls and gaming. Our fixed wireless product is designed to ensure users will receive latency below 50ms.

Hyperflex offers two residential broadband wireless packages, $95.00/month "Residential Rural Wireless" which is a 50M/10M package available in rural areas and $75.00/month "Residential IntraCity Wireless" which is a 50M/10M package available in urban areas.

The FCC has established a "broadband label" requirement for service providers to easily identify their mass distribution broadband services. We have our wireless packages below in the broadband label format for transparency and easy reference and comparison.

To sign up for service, please use our "Request Service" form.

All fixed wireless services include the following:

Note: If a customer does not elect for managed Wi-Fi, Hyperflex Internet connections by default come with only a single Ethernet port handoff connection and the customer will need to provide a router/Wi-Fi solution. Please see our Managed Wi-Fi page for more information.