Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi ($10/MO for router and then $10/MO per AP)

Hyperflex Broadband offers managed Wi-Fi as an add-on service to any Internet connection. This is useful for customers who do not wish to furnish their own wireless solution but need a reliable wireless connection to complement their hardwired Internet service. Hyperflex provides Wi-Fi through their managed service by installing a managed router for hardwired connectivity and then providing Wi-Fi signal with separate devices known as Wi-Fi access points (APs). The router is required in order to break out the single Ethernet handoff from Hyperflex in to a managed LAN for the customer which provides multiple Ethernet ports. The router incurs a monthly recurring charge of $10 per month. Depending on the needed Internet throughput, the square footages of coverage areas, and environmental conditions such as build materials and obstacles, there may be a need for multiple APs to be installed. Each AP incurs a monthly recurring charge of $10 per month.

Hyperflex Broadband's managed approach for Wi-Fi has these benefits:

  • 24/7 online support and remote troubleshooting

  • Easy app-based access to your Wi-Fi network allowing you to see and manage all devices that are connected

  • Hyperflex furnishes and installs the Wi-Fi hardware

  • Hyperflex guarantees the operation of the Wi-Fi network to be optimized to support speeds up to the purchased Internet package

  • Hyperflex warranties the Wi-Fi hardware and if there are any hardware faults of the Wi-Fi equipment Hyperflex will replace the hardware free of charge

  • Hyperflex WiFi comes fully configured for IPv6 support

Note: If a customer does not elect to leverage the managed Wi-Fi service offered by Hyperflex, then the customer is responsible for furnishing the Wi-Fi router/APs. This includes the hardware costs along with any corresponding troubleshooting responsibility of the customer-provided Wi-Fi solution. If a customer does not elect for managed Wi-Fi, Hyperflex Internet connections by default come with only a single Ethernet port handoff connection and the customer will need to provide a router/Wi-Fi solution.