Static / Public IPv4

Static / Public IPv4 Address ($10/MO)

Hyperflex Broadband's goal is to provide a service that is both reliable and transparent to the user. However, due to Internet IP address version 4 (IPv4) address exhaustion, we must deploy an IP management technique on our network known as Carrier Grade NAT (CGN). Carrier Grade NAT gives each broadband customer's Internet connection a private IP address within the IP block range. We then "share" multiple private IP addresses behind a single public IP address. This is necessary in order to keep the cost down and ensure we are efficiently utilizing IPv4 address space. CGN IPv4 addressing is provided to every Hyperflex customer for free, at no additional cost.

To combat the IP address exhaustion crisis, a new Internet Protocol address version 6 (IPv6) was developed. IPv6 allows each device connected to a broadband customer's router to have it's own unique public IP address. Hyperflex Broadband is fully IPv6 compliant and we deploy IPv6 addresses to every customer. IPv6 addressing is provided to every Hyperflex customer for free, at no additional cost. IPv6 requires every device on the Internet to be configured with IPv6 in order for connectivity to work over it. Unfortunately some companies have not invested in IPv6 so we still need to provide legacy IPv4 CGN connectivity alongside IPv6.

Some common (expected) issues with CGN are as follows:

  • Port forwarding does not work

  • Your 100.x.x.x IPv4 address is not reachable over the Internet

  • During gaming, you get errors about NAT type (not open, double NAT, etc)

The easiest way to combat these issues is to ensure that you have IPv6 enabled on your router (Hyperflex managed routers do) and that the service you are using supports IPv6. If you need to host a server, we strongly recommend you leverage IPv6 instead of IPv4. If this is not possible and you absolutely need a dedicated IPv4 address, Hyperflex can provide one at the rate of $10 per month.